E.A.L.- Equine Assisted Learning

“After going through a 18 year bad marriage and a divorce, I ended up meeting Tim, who helped me learn to believe in myself again! At the time I had 15 year old twin boys who were also seeing Tim. It was truly an amazing experience for us all! We came out of a bad situation stronger and undamaged. Tim has passion and patience and is such a wise man. My boys are now 20 and have the insight that most people don’t have until they are older. Its a beautiful peaceful place where healing can take place.
Tim will always have our utmost respect and a special place in our hearts!”    – T. Ellenburg- Thompson

“Equine Healing Solutions is a wonderful corporation founded on numerous important therapeutic principles. It is a refreshing and innovative therapeutic experience unlike any other I have experienced.” – J. Stayton

“When I first came to Tim, I was a freshman in high school, with my worldview thrown into disarray as my parents divorced. Tim helped me work my way through the troubles of this major change in my life, along with giving me the tools to overcome other problems I will inevitably come across. I am now 20 years old, studying Mechanical Engineering at university, and making my own way in the world thanks to the help Tim gave me all of those years ago. I cannot thank him enough for all he did for me, and cannot recommend his services enough!” -Ty Thompson

“Any kind of healing therapy where Timothy Risler is involved is bound to be therapeutic & advantageous. Add to Tim’s passion for assisting persons to Heal, the magic of Horses & it’s a win-win scenario. Add to that this beautiful Ranch how could it not be your first choice. Congratulations & thank you Tim for this winning formula. Keep Healing the World” -C. Groube

“Tim and his staff are fabulous. I highly recommend their services. You will not be disappointed.” – B. Matherne Jr.

“I have known Tim all my life. Talking to him has always been so healing for me. He does not judge. You feel as if you are the only person in the room when speaking to him. His mother was a healer also. Equine Healing Solutions is a win, win.” – R. Prueitt