Tim Risler– Owner/ manager of Equine Healing Solutions & services director 

Professionalism, Technical/Clinical Skills, and Expertise:

Tim Risler has been in the behavioral healthcare field since 1990. And since that time, he has dedicated his career to the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends and community members devastated by chemical dependency. He first started at Carpenter Health Care in St. Louis as a clinician in substance abuse treatment where he had the opportunity to work with Dr. David Ohlms, a prominent figure in addiction medicine, and subsequently worked at Centric Care. Tim joined the David Lawrence Center, a non-profit community mental health center located in Naples, Florida, in April of 1996. He initially held the position of Behavioral Health Technician. He furthered his education by attending University of Missouri – St. Louis and successfully attaining his BSW degree in Social Work and is working on completing his Masters. Tim attained the position of Clinician in Crossroads, a 28-day residential program for clients with substance abuse issues and works directly with clients.

Tim was born in St. Louis and lived in the Naples, FL area for 14 years (before coming to Jackson, MS to work at COPAC as a counselor for the men’s unit in 2006 and opening Equine Healing Solutions a year later.)

Tim was indoctrinated early in the behavioral health field by observing the way client lives were changing as his mother, a psychologist, worked with her clients. This experience cultivated a passion for learning. Due to encountering health issues at the young age of 7 requiring heart surgery, which resulted in flat lining, Tim became proficient at using biofeedback and relaxation techniques. These experiences have enabled him to practice and teach others how to use meditation as a journey of growth and discovery.

Tim is constantly expanding his skill base and is versed in meditation, hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and Ericksonian techniques. In addition to Tim’s skills in substance abuse he has trained hundreds of staff members on verbal de-escalation skills, non-violent intervention skills, and techniques for effective aggression management (TEAM). Tim’s training and leadership in the area is consistent with his overwhelming respect for clients. He is a consummate team player who is well respected by clients, peers and colleagues. He shares his considerable knowledge and experience with colleagues freely.

Tim is certified to practice Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development by EAGALA.
Certified PRO RGB WEB 3